Why you should only work with a registered physiotherapist

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Physiotherapy is known for its multiple benefits in the neurological and orthopedic field and many people choose it in an effort to decrease their pain medication and lead a healthier life. This is why choosing the right therapist is essential, as he is the one who will determine your treatment and help you overcome your condition. Unfortunately, not all practitioners are accredited and you should always make sure you are working with a registered physiotherapist in Ottawa, just so that you can have the peace of mind that you receive the best possible treatment. To this extent, this is how working with the right person can help you:

You know you are in good hands

Physiotherapists need to undergo a 3 year course in order to get qualified. After that they can obtain post graduate qualifications such as a Masters Degree if they want to advance further in their careers. A registered physiotherapist is someone who is qualified to perform treatments on patients and who can actually help people overcome their problems. Even though physiotherapy is designed to help patients recover from various conditions, when it is not done properly, it can do more damage than good. This is why it is so important to have by your side someone who know how to perform a correct treatment and how to help you overcome your health problems successfully.


They know how to work with people

Not everyone knows how to interact with other people and make them feel comfortable. While some therapists have this ability from the beginning, most of them acquire it in time and a registered physiotherapist will probably have had many patients before you first visit him or her. When you are doing your session with someone who known how to work with you, explain you how to do your exercises properly and encourage you to reach your goals, you are bound to obtain the best possible results.



Someone who is qualified to practice physiotherapy has probably shown an interest towards a certain condition. Some therapists qualify in neurological problems, others focus on orthopedic ones, but the fact is that only someone registered will have followed the proper courses to become an expert in a certain field. Depending on the problem you are suffering from, it is always best to work with someone specializing in that particular field, as you will receive a better treatment and increase your chances of full recovery