Why you need to use a licensed waste carrier to remove waste

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Whether you have a business or not, you should always use a licensed waste carrier when it comes to removing waste. This means that if your waste is collected, it is necessary for the waste carrier to be registered with the Environment Agency as a licensed waste carrier.

What is actually a licensed waste carrier?

Waste carriers transport industrial, commercial or even household waste. Moreover, for a waste carrier to be fully legal, it must be registered with the Environment Agency. This way, the waste carrier will have a license.

What are the items that are collected by licensed waste carriers?

Some of the items that licensed waste carriers are usually collecting are items like paper, cardboard, wood (mainly furniture), metal, soil, general waste, hardcore and finally, rubble. Moreover, for an additional fee, it is also accepted by waste carriers to take bulky waste from you. However, items like gas bottles, car engines, tyres or liquids cannot be collected.

Why do you need to use a licensed waste carrier? What happens if the waste carrier is not licensed?

Firstly, it is very inexpensive to register as a waste carrier. There is an application form which can be downloaded from the Environment Agency’s website and once registered, the waste carrier will have a license number that will be available for the next three years. After these years, the license will need to be renewed. If caught, a waste carrier without a license can stand accused of criminal prosecution. Also, not only the waste carrier will have to suffer the consequences, but you will too. So it is better to use a licensed waste company to remove your waste.

What are the types of waste that are mainly produced by businesses?

Any waste produced by businesses is called commercial waste, which mainly consists of items like packaging, glass, paper, tea bags, cans, or empty lunch wrappers. In order for your commercial waste to be collected, you must sign a contract with a licensed waste carrier. Moreover, other types of waste such as fish waste, uncooked meat, and fluorescent lamps require a collector that will incinerate or recycle them. Also, a Duty of Care waste transfer document should always be provided to you when items like batteries, clinical waste, fridges or waste electronic equipment are collected. Furthermore, if you want to get rid of chairs and other furniture items, you must ask for a special collection for which you will have to pay some extra money. But it will all be worth it in the end.

Are there any costs and fees?

All businesses, without exception, have to pay for the licensed waste carrier to take away their waste. The business rates do not include the waste collection, so there will be an additional charge for that. Also, all businesses have to keep their waste transfer documents and it is illegal for a business to take commercial waste home. So if you want to keep your business out of court, hire a licensed waste carrier to remove your waste.