Why graduates should work with recruitment agencies more often

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The period after graduation can be both exciting and stressful for young people. On the one hand, there is the enthusiasm of starting a career and applying all the theory learned during college. On the other hand, jobs can be hard to find and many new graduates end up unemployed or in jobs that they do not like. The vast majority of young people prefer looking for jobs on the own, especially online, but this doesn’t always unlock all possible career opportunities. A professional recruitment agency, however, provides effective solutions tailored to the specific needs of graduates. If you have just finished college and are looking for ways to jump start your career, these are the top reasons why you should consider recruitment agencies.

Find real job opportunities


There is a great difference between having a job and having a career. Unfortunately, many talented graduates make career compromises because they need a steady source of income and are not kept up to date with the jobs that they deserve. If you send your resume to a professional recruitment agency, you will be matched with prestigious companies and have better chances of starting a career in a field that you are genuinely interested in. Agencies are better connected with world class employers and offer more options than a general job site. So, whether you hold a degree in IT, economics or logistics, a recruitment agency can facilitate contact with the best companies in the field and place you on the right career pathway.


Continuous professional development


The activity of a recruitment agency is not limited to finding jobs for candidates. On the contrary, they also offer many other benefits that encourage you to hone your skills and develop professionally even if you are not employed. For example, agencies organise training seminars for graduates, helping them stay informed and prepared to meet the challenges of a competitive workforce. Mentoring and support are also provided, so that you can assess your strengths, weaknesses and be confident in your pursuit of finding the right job. Moreover, some agencies also organise special events where you can meet other members of the graduate community and prospective employers.


Avoiding career gaps


Why rush to send your resume to a recruitment agency when you can stay at home and take your time browsing online job offers? Because career gaps are one of the riskiest career moves, and not just financially. The more you are unemployed, the more it becomes more difficult to find a job. One gap year, taken after graduating from college, can sometimes be a good idea, but if that year turns into two or more, you are missing out. Some employers tend to be sceptical of candidates who take gap years, perceiving them as unstable or unmotivated. If you want to stay competitive, contact a professional recruitment agency and they will guide you towards the perfect job.