What not to miss while vacationing in Cancun

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While it is not at all surprising when many choose to spend their holidays or spring breaks in the exquisite Cancun city, many literally miss out on the attractions represented by the vast area that surrounds the city itself. The budget-friendly destination offers many things to do around Cancun and experiencing a unique and exciting spectacle. Many places literally seem to be cut out magical settings taken from fantasy land. The tropical Yucatan climate will make any trip the perfect occasion for exploring the city’s wonders.


The word comes from Mayan and signifies “abysmal and deep”. Located on the Mayan Riviera, the system of underground caves and tunnels was formed as a result of abundant rainfall that filtered through the ground and formed an underground river system. They come in any shape and size. Stalactites and stalagmites are considered a curious formation of these caves, not to mention the fact that there are a number of caves that have not even been explored. The caves and tunnels were valuable to the Mayan culture, being considered sacred places. While some are open for visitation, others are true archeological sites that are to be explored by researchers. There is no need to despair because many caves allow tourists to dive and explore the underground waters. Together with a qualified diver, anyone can snorkel or swim.

Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is actually a fishing village located near Cancun. Many travellers prefer this location as a result of its beauty and natural scenery. Those who are looking forward to enjoy a genuine island experience can relax in this serene place where cultural traditions are still valued. During the day, visitors can buy anything from fish braided hair or to get a massage. The residents of the island occupy themselves with the activity of fishing, by which they earn their living. The harmony invites you to sit back and bathe in the sun rays. This however should not fool anyone because at night the island completely transforms into a cosmopolitan resort.

Chichen Itza

Only a day’s trip away from Cancun, the Chichen Itza is the ancient capital of the Mayan Empire and the most important attraction of the Yucatan peninsula. Its uniqueness is due to the mix of Mayan architecture and with elements of Central Mexico building techniques. The ruin is embedded with mystery and used to be a ceremonial center. The name can be translated as “mouth of the well of Itza”.

Kukulkan’s pyramid

The famous construction was built in order to be used as an astronomical tool during the periods of the equinoxes. When light is projected onto the pyramid, the triangles of El Castillio imitate the body of a serpent that is meant to join the head that is located at the bottom of the stairway. According to a legend, the pyramid is dedicated to a serpent god called Kukulkan that appear on the night and day is equal, when he transmits his wishes to his worshipers and provides blessing for a good harvest.

To sum up, if you ever find yourself in the marvelous city of Cancun do not ignore the islands or other possible attractions by focusing solely on the sites and buildings within city boundaries. You might be surprised at the occasions you can let slip away.