Ways to increase footfall and make more sales

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Footfall refers to the number of possible customers that visit a shop. While businesses know exactly how to monitor the number of visitors to a website, they are oblivious when it comes to brick and mortar stores. Monitoring the number of people entering a physical shop is not difficult, but it implies work. If you are in retail, have your employees monitor pedestrian traffic during peak hours and tell you when sales are made. Or simply have a CCTV camera installed. This will help you measure your footfall. You have very bad footfall? If yes, you have to do something to get customers through the door of your shop. But how? Here are a few tips on how to increase footfall and make more sales.

Use pavement signs  

Chances are that people don’t even know that you exist. This is the reason why they walk by the brick and mortar store and never take a step inside. If potential customers know nothing about your products, offers or your shop’s location, that is very bad. If they do not know that you exist, they will not buy from you. What you need to do is use pavement signs and get out of anonymity. Sure, pavement signs are not the most creative advertising tools, but they certainly are effective.  Pavement signs make people aware of any deals that you are offering, provide them directions, and help you get your message across. As you can see, there are many ways in which you can use these marketing tools. So, use them.

Provide good retail experience

You cannot convert footfall into sales if you do not provide a good retail experience. The question now is what makes a good retail experience. Regardless of what you are trying to sell, you have to be polite to customers entering the shop. Well, you and your staff members. People love being shown that they matter and the better you treat them, the more they will buy. Another thing to remember is that people love deals catered to their needs. You cannot just offer a product. You have to adjust your offer to the values of customers. Place at their disposal products that really matter to them.   

Resort to social media

What you have to understand is that you are not selling products, but experiences. Retail businesses post on their social media accounts all the products they have in stock, hoping that people will rush into the stores to buy them. Things do not work this way. You need to create a story of your shop and brand that instils trust. Telling a good story is a great way to increase footfall. Why? Because people respond better to them. Tell the story of your store and brand, not forgetting to mention the products.

Get to know pedestrians

If your brick and mortar store is located in an area that sees a lot of traffic, take advantage of this opportunity to get to know the people traveling on foot. You or your shop employees can start by asking questions like how they are doing or what they want. Equally important is to pay attention to their shopping bags. The store and the promotion offered is the information you need to devise your strategy. Come up with a plan and then let passers-by know about the offer.