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Homeowners need to think carefully when deciding on a siding for their houses, because it can affect not only the aesthetic appeal, but also the value of the house and how much money they will spend on maintenance over the years. When it comes to siding, there are plenty of solutions and alternatives available on the dedicated market, but two options, vinyl and stucco, are the most popular ones at least among people living in Ottawa. If you are unsure what type of siding will suit your needs and preferences best, you should take a look at the following differences between the two alternatives before contacting an Ottawa vinyl and stucco siding contractor.

Aesthetic appeal

This is something everyone can decide upon without additional help, because it is all about personal taste in the end. Vinyl and stucco siding have totally opposite appearances, which makes the decision easy to make from this point of view – you either like it or not. While vinyl offers a clean look with geometric panels being lined upon the walls, stucco provides a more organic appearance and a unique feeling. Both alternatives offer the same diversity in terms of color, as expected, but stucco can come in different textures as well. You should make the decision depending on the design of your home and your preferences.


Maintenance needs

When it comes to maintenance needs, vinyl is the obvious choice, as it is very low maintenance and the costs of the little repair it requires are also affordable. The panels are durable and can be changed one by one, making the job of a vinyl contractor much easier when it comes to repairing a damaged area. This way, even serious damages can be fixed easily and cheaply, because it would not necessitate bringing down the whole siding. On the other side, stucco, although equally durable, is not as resilient against bad weather and necessitate the work of a professional when in need of repairs. However, you can invest more money on the latest stucco that appeared on the market to ensure it will be more durable.



The costs will differ depending on the quality of the stucco you choose. Traditional stucco is much cheaper than vinyl, but modern stucco made from a special material resistant to water and bad weather will have a higher cost. This means that homeowners should decide depending on the offer their Ottawa vinyl and stucco siding contractors make.


Wall protection

Probably the most important aspect of siding is its ability to protect the underlying structure of the house. You need to protect your walls against win, extreme weather conditions and even accidents. In this case, stucco offers additional protection, as it also acts as insulator, making the cooling and the heating of the house much easier. You can also use stucco to insulate your home against noise. Vinyl offers perfect protection against water on the other hand, but modern stucco is also impermeable.