Understanding Democratic Socialism

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Socialism is a concept which first appeared at the beginning of the 19th century. The concept was based on creating a utopian society where all people are equal and they all focus their efforts toward the well being of the overall society. One might say that all people wish to live in a perfect society but they all have different definitions of perfections which is why socialism was split into various leadership styles such as the Marxist socialism, communism, anarchical socialism, democratic socialism and so on. At their core, all socialist styles are based on equality but their overall idea of governing a society differs from one style to another. Democratic socialism is one of the most resistant socialist ideas as its supporters are found even in the modern society.

  • Democratic socialist goals

All socialists believe that the interest of a society should always be more important than the interests of an individual or of a minority of individuals. The direct result of socialism is democracy which is defined through the power of the people. Democratic socialism is based on a few main ideas. For starters no person should exploit another person, especially when it comes to labor relations. Furthermore, in a democratic socialist society, the natural resources should not be exploited or wasted. Last but not least, all society and government changes should be made through free and open elections.

The main ideas of democratic socialism

We have already established that a democratic socialist society allows the people to participate and influence the governmental decisions. In order for the people to be apt for making those decisions it is essential for them to be well educated. Thus, democratic socialist value the importance of widespread and full public education. Public education is one of the most important tools for creating equality between people and for allowing the people to communicate their ideas. At an economical level, the democratic socialists believe that the economy should be governed in order to meet human needs without prioritizing the profits of a few privileged individuals. A lot of people argue that socialist want to use bureaucracy in order to create an all powerful government. However, their purpose is for social and economic decisions to be taken by the people who are affected by them. The fundamental economical and governmental decisions which are currently being made affect millions of people and they are often made by people who answer only to themselves. The resources of many countries are used in order for capitalists to get even richer than they already are while the common people suffer from indigence and injustice.