Tips for helping children overcome their fear for dentists

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Parents know how important it is to maintain children’s teeth as healthy as possible, but they also know how difficult it is to make them overcome their fear for dentists. From a child’s point a view, the trip to any dental clinic might be the scariest thing ever. The fact that they have to lie on a chair and stay still for nearly an hour in an unfamiliar environment, while the dentist is stinging their mouths will all sorts of instruments creates the perfect place and atmosphere that rattles their calmness. For this reason, many family dental clinics in Yorkville decided to offer parents some useful advice with respect to finding the easiest way to make their children understand the importance of oral hygiene.

Start early

Experts say that the sooner parents schedule their child’s first visit to dental clinics, the better it will be for both parents and child. This is because, if the child gets used to going to the dentist at an early age, the anxiety is minimized or in some cases even eliminated. Regular dental visits are important for the child’s health and if these are done from an early age, everything becomes simpler when a cavity appears and needs to be treated.

Go to a paediatric dentist

Paediatric dentists have the necessary experience as far as working with children is concerned. For this reason, they know how to react to any unpleasant situations and how to make children regain their trust in the dentist. Because he mostly works with children, a paediatric dentist is trained to be more patient and to make the consultation a more entertaining activity that would not scare children away and would make them come fearless and confident some other time too.

A meet and greet visit might help 

When it comes to the first dental visit, children are anxious about it and they might ask many questions to find out exactly what is going to happen inside the consulting room. It is advisable to keep it simple and leave no room for too many details. The best method is to do a visit to the dental clinic few days prior to the day of the actual check-up. In this way, they will get accustomed to the staff and will see the room where the consultation will take place, not to mention that the dentist can answer to any question they might have in a way that does not sound scary at all. When the consultation day comes, they will know what to expect.

Watch your words

Parents are prone to say their children before their first dental visit things like “Do not worry, it won’t hurt!” which is wrong. Experts say that when a child hears these words, he would only focus on the word “hurt”, thus making him believe that going to the dentist is a dangerous and painful thing. Use phrases such as “the dentist is going to check your smile and count your teeth” or “he is only looking for sugar bugs to clean them off your mouth” in order to induce them a relaxing state.