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At present, breast cancer affects more and more people and as a result people are trying to raise awareness so that persons get diagnosed in time, before it’s too late. Many groups that advocate for others have adopted ribbons as a symbol for a particular struggle and generally speaking each ribbon has a unique color that stands for the illness. It is well known that pink is then universal color for breast cancer and this devastating illness has been highly mediatized. Although today we know what the pink little ribbon stands for, we do not know how it came to represent the movement against cancer. What is the history behind the pink awareness ribbon?

The woman who inspired the awareness movement

The name of Susan Komen is directly linked to the foundation of the Breast Cancer Awareness. She was a former homecoming queen that died of breast cancer mostly as a result of the fact that she and her family were given bad treatment advice. Susan and her family relied on the advice of doctors due to the fact that at the time ordinary people had no real knowledge about the disease and the result of ineffective care was the fact that she rapidly reached stage IV and the mets spread to the vital organs. On her death bed, her close friend strongly promised her to eventually find a cure for cancer.

Why the pink ribbon

In the past, yellow colored rosettes used to symbolize the devotion of wives to their husbands who were away at war and generally the yellow sash became to stand for the absence of a loved person, either in the military or in jail. The true reason for which pink sashes are used to raise cancer awareness is linked to the fact that Susan Komen used to hand them out to race participants and the foundation that was later on found in her name began to hand out ribbons to all participants in New York races. In addition to this, it can be added that the color pink is the symbol of compassion, nurturing and love.

In the beginning it was not pink

The popularity of the pink sash is the direct result of the promotion in the Self magazine where Estee Lauder cosmetics came with the idea of giving away pink rosettes to the public as a marketing strategy for the cancer awareness issue. The magazine even wrote an article on a woman who used a reach colored bow to raise awareness so this time things had to be done differently. Even the lawyers advised the magazine and the cosmetics giant to pick out another color due to the fact that Estee Lauder could not work with the girl with peach bows. And the choice was pink.

In conclusion, next time you see an awareness ribbon you will know the implications behind the tragic stories of those who have deceased from cancer and why the pink color is meant to arise our compassion.