The Most Influential Democratic Presidents

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Although democracy is present in most parts of the world, America is the country that takes the most pride in their concept of democracy. Andrew Jackson was the first of the thirteen democratic presidents that the USA has had. He is considered to be one of the best and most influential presidents of the United States but he was not the only one who helped shape America into the great country that it is today. Lets see who were the best US presidents which believed in true democracy.

  • Andrew Jackson

One might argue that Andrew Jackson is not a very good example of a true democratic leader. His leadership is quite controversial as he was a big supporter of slavery. Still, Andrew Jackson believed in the power of the people and he was the one who separated the democratic party from the republican party. He was a common man who encouraged the participation of the masses in the country’s government. His simple ways as well as his military achievements earned him the love and respect of the people. His support for slavery cannot be overlooked and should be rightfully condemned but his contribution to defining the fundamental values of democracy makes him one of the most influential democratic presidents.

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt

Roosevelt is one of the most loved presidents in the history of the United States. He has won four elections and governed the United Stated for 12 years. His presidency coincided with two of the hardest periods of time in the American history: the great depression and World War II. During these harsh times, he brought hope to the American people by helping them regain faith in themselves. His quick and vigorous actions kept the country from destroying itself due to the economy crisis and he did his best to keep America out of the war lines while still aiding threatened or attacked nations.

  • John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy is another influential democratic president. Despite the fact that he only served as a president for 2 and a half years, his leadership was exemplary. He was a great advocate for peace but he also proved great leadership in times of war. His moral compass guided all of his actions and he tried to teach Americans the importance of being socially active.

These are the best democratic presidents of the USA. They have guided this great nation through times of hardship and they shaped the fundamental values of democracy.