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Family cars are a big decision, as these have to fulfil all sorts of requests. When buying a car to fit the needs of an entire family, you will have to consider several other aspects than just appearance. For a number of reasons that will soon be revealed, Volvo seems to be the number one choice for families. Whether you are talking about the XC70, S80 even the S60 model, they all fit under the radar of family cars. Without further ado, here is why so many people decide to go with Volvo when looking for that perfect family car.


When you say Volvo, you say security; this is the common perception on things. If you want to convince yourself, go to any Volvo Ireland dealer and ask a few questions on this particular topic. Surely, you will discover that cars coming from manufacturer are quite intelligent, coming with all sort of safety specifications. For example, you have the city safety option on most Volvo cars, which means that whenever there is an obstacle heading towards you, the car will heat the breaks. Whether there is someone crossing the street or a traffic participant that is not paying attention to the road, representing a potential danger, the car will slow down and even stop if necessary. Also, these vehicles are very heavy, so they will sit on the road perfectly.



Most likely you know that having a family means having a lot of luggage wherever you might be heading. Whether you are going to the park or you are taking a weekend trip, the amount of luggage is pretty much the same. This basically means that you need a lot of room. Due to the smart design of the car, you will fit in all sorts of luggage. The SUVs are by definition big, but in the case of Volvo, even the S60 sedan will offer you the space you so desperately need.


Impressive design

Most of the times, when you say family car, you instantly think of a mini-van. These might be practical, but they are definitely not stylish. The good news is that Volvo fulfils all requests on safety and size and on top of that, it looks amazing. Here is one detail you might not have known about Volvo. When there are royal events, the car chosen to take the Royal family from point A to point B is none other than Volvo. This pretty much sums up everything there is to say about design.


So, ask yourself, overall, what Volvo brings. Security, impressive design and enough room as to fit the entire house, pretty much everything you would expect from a real family car.