The ins and outs of the WCA family of logistic networks

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The world as we know it today is no longer a place of solitude and singularity, it is a thriving and ever-changing realm of possibilities with opportunities on every doorstep and a million different alternatives for us to choose from. It is a world of options, diversity and change but none of these would be possible without a constant and complex collaboration between every single company and person around us. We are all connected by the advancements of technology and the tendency of forming coalitions has never been greater than now. What sets our modern times apart from the ancient ones or any period of the past for that matter, is just how easy and effortless the making of alliances has become nowadays. And what can be a better example in this case than WCA family of logistic networks? As a matter of fact, the WCA family is perhaps the most efficient and admirable effort to cooperate available for us to study nowadays and the implications are immense if we could only apply the same successful principles to other fields as well, such as global collaboration on politics, security or military sectors. Here are some of the most notable aspects which one should definitely know about the organization and functioning of an international logistic network.

Understanding some of today’s most complicated and intricate, not to mention gigantic alliances, would never be possible without taking a look at one of the leading examples in this field. A world cargo alliance is in fact a cooperative network or union which enables its members to combine their strengths and unite their powers, towards the completion of a common goal which is in general having global reach. Surely, there are additional goals as well such as the growing of contact lists or the lowering of costs as well as security and trustworthiness, but the main purpose that every member strives to achieve is to have the capacity to ship internationally, to get to places and countries which were not in their reach before and to send packages to places where it wasn’t cost-effective in the past. The level of collaboration and interconnection in these alliances is truly stupendous and they provide an example which every business, political entity or organization should definitely follow.


The secret to the success of the world cargo alliances of today is based on the fact that they have large numbers of members and allow the entrance of small and medium sized companies. As a matter of fact, they encourage these sorts of firms to join their ranks. In a market space where multinationals and large scale corporate giants obliterate any small competitor, the only solution for a startup or a medium firm is to seek others of their own size and collaborate in order to defeat the opposition with their sheer number. Furthermore, it is also great to know that not every company is deemed suitable for becoming a member and that a strict screening process must be undergone, so that the accepted members are the best of the best and only professionals looking to expand their businesses and reach as many countries as possible.