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In a civilized society, all the elements that represent the foundation of civilization are strongly connected one to another. That is why when one of the foundation elements crumbles, it also affects the other ones. A good example of this concept in modern society is the economic crisis which has affected all other aspects of the society. Such a crisis affects all countries, in a similar manner, regardless of their level of development. For example, the USA is dealing with a lot of economical challenges despite being one of the most powerful countries in the world. And these challenges are affecting the most important systems such as the medical system. The political leaders of the USA are constantly trying to find ways of balancing the economy without affecting others systems. However, so far, they haven’t been very successful in doing so. The medical reforms implemented by president Obama have been very controversial and they have gave birth to numerous debates. Today we are going to discuss the elements of the health care reform which will be implemented as of January 1, 2014.

  • Mandatory Health Insurance

For starters, everyone in the U.S.A will be required to have a basic life insurance. The exception to this law is represented by the foreign tourists, prisoners or undocumented residents. The people who will not abide by this rule will have to pay a penalty tax for the 214 tax year. Households with a low or moderate income will benefit from a tax credit that they can use in order to pay for insurance premiums.

  • Indirect effects of the mandatory insurance

The mandatory insurance will have an indirect effect on other elements of the medical world such as the medical negligence law suits. The reasoning behind this concept is that if people benefit from insurance, they will treat their problems earlier before they can be exposed to medical negligence risks. Whether or not this new law will go in the desired direction is still up for debate. For more information retarding the possible malpractice victims, who are entitled to compensation, you can visit the following website: In the last few years, various states have implemented certain laws which limit the amount of money which a person can receive in case of the malpractice case. Despite the fact that such lawsuits cost the medical system a lot of money, medical negligence caps have been subject to interpretation.

  • Strict rules for the insurance companies

The new healthcare reform also takes into account the health insurance companies. For a long time, these companies haven’t been properly regulated but that is all about to change starting January 1. They will no longer be allowed to refuse to provide insurance to certain individuals or to charge them more money on account of pre-existing conditions. This measure is necessary in order to ensure that everybody will be able to afford insurance, regardless of their individual characteristics. The more people have health insurance, the system will be able to provide better health care.