Subaru Outback 2018’s competitive advantage comes from 3 things

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So, you’re searching for a getaway car. No, you’re not looking to flee the scene of a car. The only thing you want is to have a vehicle that you can escape in. well, if this is the case, then you should take a close look at Subaru Outback 2018. It may not be super conspicuous, but this automobile has the necessary power to get you far, far away. Subaru Outback 2018 should be at the top of your list and for good reason. This car is one of the most reliable ones out there, not to mention that the embedded technology will protect you in the case of a collision. You can read about Subaru Outback 2018 and see photos at Edmunds. But what advantages can this automobile possibly offer you? You’ll find the answer in this article.

Symmetrical all-wheel-drive

Subaru is a company that has years of experience when it comes to all-wheel-drive technology. So, as you can imagine, they’re more than capable of creating expert AWD systems. The thin is that the all-wheel-drive system incorporated in Subaru Outback 2018 is nothing like you’ve ever seen. What makes it so special is the fact that it’s symmetrical. This is indeed something out-of-the-ordinary. The Japanese manufacturer realized an AWD system that is powered by the boxer engine and provides the right amount of power to each wheel.  The symmetrical all-wheel-drive improves handling characteristics, offering complete control in any kind of situation.

Boxer engine

The Boxer engine is yet another component that can be considered unique. The Subaru Outback 2018 engine stabilizes power and fuel efficiency. The result is that the automobile is powerful when you need it to be, and efficient when you need it to be. It’s important to note that powerful engineering is behind this innovative car engine. The Boxer has a low center of gravity, being a match for that of sports cars. The thing is that you’re searching for a vehicle that will run smoothly for years, consider Subaru Outback 2018.

Protection every step of the way

No matter the road conditions or your style of driving, you can rest assured that Subaru Outback 2018 will protect you from harm. Do you remember when we talked about powerful engineering? Well, what you need to know is that intelligent working is reflected in the safety as well. To be more precise, the ride was nominated one of the safest picks for years in a row. That must mean something. In terms of technology, it’s worth mentioning the driver assist system, reverse auto braking, and the rearview camera.