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The best way in which any mom can celebrate the arrival of the new born is by throwing him a baby shower. This is considered to be one of the most important events in the life of any parent and it certainly deserves celebrating. After having invited everyone to the party, the next thing to do is to start thinking about what decorations to use. Besides the already popular commercial ornaments, you can spice up the atmosphere using interesting personalized ribbons. The truth is that many have got tired of balloons and if you want to make an impression, you should definitely try something new and adapt it to the theme chosen.

The theme is important

The theme basically sets the tone of the entire atmosphere and you can let your imagination go wild. You will not have to worry that the colours are too bright due to the fact that the idea is to be playful. However, this does not mean that the organization has to be childish. The theme that you pick out will be in accordance with the sex of the future child. You can either go pink all the way or choose a safari team for the boy. With girls it is much easier owing to the fact that you can choose nuances of pink, white and generally speaking the softer colours, whereas for boys you can do more than the traditional blue. A masculine theme is similar to something like a jungle theme, where you can freely decorate with green, blue and lots of stuffed animals like lions and monkeys. For girls, you can use lots of flowers, teacups and birds.

Choose the setting

Before making any plans on where to place the decorations, it is important to choose the location. You can do the shower just as well as home, as long as you have the adequate space. Doing it at home will be much more convenient for the mom to be and this opens the path to implementing any decoration ideas that you might have. If say you host the shower in a restaurant or something similar, then you will be limited to the decorating decisions that you can make. In addition to the house, you should keep in mind that the outdoor space needs some touches as well.


The balloons are here to stay, but you must do something really special. Either girl or boy party, you will automatically have satin sashes and beautiful rosettes. This can be explained by the fact that ribbons are available in any colour you can imagine, not to mention the soft texture ensures by materials such as satin, velvet and sheer. Together with the balloons you can hang flowing sashes from the window and even to embellish the walls. With the rolls purchased from the store, you can decorate the room with tons of small and large bows that can be attached even to the doorknob. Rosettes are so versatile that you can place them in the middle of the ceiling. Moreover, you can get personalized ribbons that have embroidered special messages on them and you can say hello to the new addition to your family.