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Every time people hear the word “ribbons”, they instantly think about one of the two most common uses of these materials: for wrapping Christmas or birthday presents or for embellishing flower arrangements, such as the bridal bouquet. Truth is ribbons have many other uses that you might not have thought about before. In case you are interested in places where to buy ribbon wholesale or in smaller packages, all you have to do is some quick research on the Internet. Many online stores offer these services, so you should find the one that best fits your needs and budget. Below are some outstanding ideas in which you can use ribbons.

Decorate your diary

It is high time you embark on a do-it-yourself project. If you own a diary, or if your daughter owns one, you can change its appearance quite easy only using some colourful ribbons. Make her a great birthday present and create a unique diary. You can simply buy a diary from any local store or stationer’s store and start this project. Choose some ribbons that have the same dimension, but different colours in order to make the diary look amazing. Make sure you have enough ribbons to finish the project, so you might want to purchase some extra ribbons. In case there is anything left, you can easily use it in other projects too. Establish a pattern for adding ribbons onto the diary. You can find some instructions on the Internet if you do some research.

Ribbon embroidery

Ribbon embroidery is more used than you would have thought. You can find this type of embroidery on various objects, such as pillows, paintings or even bags. You should know that there is a wide variety of ribbons available on the market, with various colours, materials, sizes and designs, so you do not have to worry that you would not find exactly what you are looking for. You can refashion your plain white pillows for instance. Choose some pink silk ribbons in order to create some beautiful roses for example. Whether you sew them manually or using a sewing machine, you can be sure that the result will be amazing.

Use ribbons as curtains

Some people might have thought about replacing the old and not so stylish curtain rings with ribbons, which is actually a good idea. It is true that this might add a unique touch to your room, especially if you choose a vivid colour, such as yellow, or green for instance, but why not try something more interesting. You can choose to replace the whole curtains with ribbons, not only the curtain rings. It is advisable that in this case you opt for wider ribbons and not for smaller ones, taking into account that you would have to tie them onto the rod in order to create your new “curtains”. You can resort to any material or colour that is in accordance with your décor. Regardless what you choose, it is for sure that the result will be outstanding.