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The Republican National Convention, also known as the RNC is the convention of the members of the Republican Party of the United States of America. The purpose of this convention is to nominate an official candidate for the next presidential election and to adopt the rules of the election cycle as well as the party platform. It is convened by the Republican National Committee, which is a group of selected members which provide leadership to the Republican Party. The convention marks the ending of a presidential season as well as the start of the campaigning activities.

  • History of the RNC

The first RNC convention was held in 1856 during 17 June and 19 June at the Musical Fund Hall in Philadelphia. The Grand Old Party chose General John C. Fremont of California as president and they nominated Senator William Dayton of New Jersey as the Vice President. During that same convention, GOP also chose the members of the first Republican National Committee. So far, there have been 40 Republican conventions, one every 4 years, at the end of each presidential season. Most of the conventions were held in Chicago but some also occurred in other selected locations like Philadelphia, San Francisco, Cincinnati, New York and so on.

  • The 2012 Republican National Convention

The 2012 RNC was held during thew week of august 27 in Tampa, Florida. The place of the convention was the Tampa Bay Times Forum. During this week, the whole city benefited from extra police force due to the fact that the Republican Party was anticipating some vandalism manifestations. However, the event was rather peaceful and the RNC committee nominated Mitt Romney as president and Paul Ryan as vice president. The theme of the 2012 RNC was A Better Future and the republican members held some inspiring speeches in order to support their idea of a better future.

  • A Better Future

In order to test the oratorical speeches of the members of the Grand Old Party, the republican committee chose a main theme. However, this was not just a general theme. Each day of the convention had a different theme. For example, Monday’s theme was We can Do Better, on Tuesday, the republicans motivated themselves with the We Can Build It theme and the week continued in the same inspiring mood.

  • Campaign plans

During the 2012 Republican National Convention, the republicans didn’t just nominate their candidates for the next presidential election but they also make campaigning plans. The main concern of this convention was to counter the efforts to portray Romney as an out of touch elitist .