Playa del Carmen – the ultimate honeymoon destination

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After months of planning, your extraordinary big wedding day has come and passed. The next step is getting away from everything and to finally enjoy your honeymoon. Escaping to an exotic location just the two of you to relax and simply spend time together without hurrying anywhere is a must after all the tension and frenzy of wedding preparations, not to mention that you have to start your journey through life with some beautiful memories. When it comes to making wonderful memories, there is no better destination than Playa del Carmen. A wonderful corner of paradise in Mexico only seventy km from Cancun, this place will make you rethink your idea of romantic getaway. Sandy white beaches, turquoise waters, palm trees, fitting architecture, one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world and idyllic scenery, not to mention plenty of exciting activities are just a few of the things that make Playa del Carmen an ideal location for honeymoons. The prices are reasonable too, while the beach is pretty secluded, allowing you to enjoy sweet intimate and private moments. You can easily find honeymoon packages for this location, given its popularity among couples, so you will not need to stress yourself with planning, you can leave everything in professional hands, and you will only need to enjoy yourself. However, you still have to book transfer from Cancun to Playa del Carmen, because this beautiful city, the perfect honeymoon location, does not have an airport.

The lack of an International airport might seem like a bad thing at first, but it is in fact a blessing in disguise. The reason why this destination is not as crowded as Cancun and has pretty reasonable prices is the fact tourists need transfer from Cancun to Playa del Carmen and do not bother. This is good news to you not only because you will be able to enjoy peaceful and romantic times with your spouse, but also because of the fact that it is not even difficult to reach Playa del Carmen. With private transfer it will take less than fifty minutes to reach this corner of heaven. If you like the seaside, excellent cuisine and nightlife, this destination is exactly what you need. You will be able to sunbathe on sandy white beaches, swim with the dolphins and scuba dive near a breath taking coral reef. Playa del Carmen gives an idyllic and romantic feeling, unlike Cancun that gives a concrete jungle vibe.


You can book a luxurious hotel room, rent a condo or stay in a nice pension immediately near the beach, depending on your preferences. You can enjoy your privacy anywhere in the city, including downtown, but the northern part is the most secluded and has the most beautiful beaches. If you go to Playa del Carmen for your honeymoon, there are certain things you must absolutely do such as visiting the Maya ruins, go around the Italian restaurants and coffee shops and walking down the gorgeous pedestrian walkway especially designed for people looking for a bit of romance in their life. Nothing compares walking in arm with your spouse late at evening enjoying the scenery and making plans for the future.