How Do we Rank Democratic Countries?

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, you can determine the level of democracy of a country by taking into account several political and governmental aspects. The 2013 annual report shows that the Scandinavian nations are the most democratic in the world while the USA is ranked on the 21st position.

The Democratic Peace Theory

The democratic peace theory supports peace between all democratic countries. However, some people say that the theory is not very well expressed and that the meaning of war and democracy can be manipulated. Furthermore certain neoconservatives are known for using this theory as a pretext for war against non-democratic countries.

Democratic vs Republican Party in America

Contrary to what most people think, the fundamental difference between Republicans and Democrats is not based on the size of the government, but on their goals. When it comes to issues on liberty and security, the Democratic vb Republican opinions are very different.

Core Democratic Values

The principles the Americans are willing to follow are divided in two parts: the Fundamental Beliefs and the Constitutional Principles. They are described with details and they represent the most powerful things that the American people believe in.

2012 Republican Party Platform on Science

Every 4 years, the Republican Party adopts a position meant to draw attention on key issues of the day. In 2012, the Republican Party Platform was concerned about science and the great dreams of Americans. Find out more about its stand on science.

Democratic Leadership in the Business World

Democratic leadership is a great tool for improving the productivity of a business while also motivating the employees. This style encourages the employees to be actively involved in the decisions which affect their line of work. Although the leader is always the one who makes all the decisions, taking into account other opinions can be very helpful.

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