The Origins of the Democratic Symbol

In 2008, the Democratic Party gathered in Denver for it 2008 convention. There, a donkey named Mordecai became the first official live mascot in the history of the party. But the origins of both the Democratic symbol, the donkey, and the Republican elephant come from cartoonist Thomas Nast. Find out more in this article.

Republican National Convention

The first Republican National Convention was held in 1856. At that convention the GOP also chose the members of their first National Committee. The 2012 RNC was held in Tampa, Florida and during this convention the GOP made the campaign plans for their elected presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. The theme of the convention was: A better Future.

Understanding Democratic Socialism

The concept of democratic socialism concerns the creation of a utopian society in which all people are equal and work together for the well being of the majority. Democratic socialists believe in a full and widespread public system as well as in taking power away from the privileged capitalists whose economic decisions affect millions of people.

The Most Influential Democratic Presidents

Franklin D. Roosevelt is the most important of all the US democratic presidents. He won four elections and he guided the USA through some of the darkest moments in its history. Other very influential democratic leasers were Andrew Jackson and John. F Kennedy and they both bough a different contribution to the democratic values.

What is The Republican National Committee?

The Republican National Committee provides leadership for the Republican Party and it is responsible for many activities, including developing and promoting the Republican political platform. Find out more about the committee in this article.

What Are the Main Democratic Beliefs?

Democracy is a form of government characterized by economic, social and cultural conditions that enable the equal and free practice of political self-determination. All citizens participate equally, through elected representatives or directly, in the creation, development and proposal of laws. Democracy is different form of monarchy and oligarchy., where a small number of individuals hold

How Do we Rank Democratic Countries?

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, you can determine the level of democracy of a country by taking into account several political and governmental aspects. The 2013 annual report shows that the Scandinavian nations are the most democratic in the world while the USA is ranked on the 21st position.

The Democratic Peace Theory

The democratic peace theory supports peace between all democratic countries. However, some people say that the theory is not very well expressed and that the meaning of war and democracy can be manipulated. Furthermore certain neoconservatives are known for using this theory as a pretext for war against non-democratic countries.

Democratic vs Republican Party in America

Contrary to what most people think, the fundamental difference between Republicans and Democrats is not based on the size of the government, but on their goals. When it comes to issues on liberty and security, the Democratic vb Republican opinions are very different.

Core Democratic Values

The principles the Americans are willing to follow are divided in two parts: the Fundamental Beliefs and the Constitutional Principles. They are described with details and they represent the most powerful things that the American people believe in.

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