Operating self erecting tower cranes – safety tips to consider

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Many people are on the opinion that crane operation is not as difficult as it seems, but they couldn’t be any more wrong. In order for everything to be efficient and safe, it is essential the crane operator to be a skilled and have very good judgement on how to work with this type of machine. Those who are interested in hiring self erecting tower cranes should know that many companies nowadays provide this type of services, so doing some quick online research will reveal the best options. Here are some important safety tips you should consider when it comes to operating such machines.

Select a professional hire tower crane company

The first step you have to take the moment you establish you need a self erecting tower crane for your building project is to look for a company that provides hire services. In the beginning, you may be tempted to buy the machine instead of borrowing it from a specialized company, but you should know that the latter option is a much more cost-effective one. However, you have to be careful during the selection process, since you have to ensure the company you go for is a professional, highly reputed and trust-worthy one in the industry.

Make sure the operators are skilled and highly trained

In case none of your employees know how to operate a tower crane, it is best, for their safety, to hire a professional operator. You can ask the company you hire the tower crane from whether or not they also offer operating services for the machine or if they can recommend you someone who does. It is essential that you work with a highly trained operator who knows exactly how that machine works and how to control it, even in harsh weather conditions. Keep in mind that wind can be quite a challenge for tower cranes and for its operators, so it is essential the one you are hiring has vast knowledge and the right skills to do the work even when weather conditions are unfavourable.

Make sure the tower cranes are periodically inspected

Doing some research on the self erecting tower crane hire company before signing any contract with them is extremely helpful. You should ask them several relevant questions to learn more about them, such as the years of experience they have in the industry, how often they check their machines or what happens in case of accidents for instance.