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A Realtor’s Perspective on Politics Influencing the Real Estate Market

From political uncertainties, to new taxes and regulations, there are many ways in which politics can affect the real estate market, both in the short and in the long run. The real question is: what can agents do in tough times?

New company? Steps to register it

If you establish a company, then you will have no issues to register it, because there are multiple guides to help you understand the process. In the past, you had to figure out what to do, and understand what papers you need. Also, you had to wait several weeks, and pay a large sum for

Ways to increase footfall and make more sales

Footfall refers to the number of possible customers that visit a shop. While businesses know exactly how to monitor the number of visitors to a website, they are oblivious when it comes to brick and mortar stores. Monitoring the number of people entering a physical shop is not difficult, but it implies work. If you

Presidential Challenge Coins

Presidential challenge coins are the most valuable types of challenge coins and they are very appreciated by coin collectors. Keep on reading if you want to learn a few fun facts about the coins that U.S. presidents gave and received during their presidencies.

How to get noticed by big industry buyers

  You have a medical supply business ad you are looking for buyers. As is everyone else. Your medical supply company is not doing very good. Finding buyers for what you have to offer is a challenging task. Yet, it is not impossible. If you do not want your enterprise to fold within the first

Five Common Problems that Render Standard Adhesive Tapes Ineffective

  One of the most commonly asked questions the UK’s adhesive technology suppliers receive from their customers is that of why adhesive tapes are sometimes ineffective. Of course, realistically speaking there are dozens of reasons why any adhesive may not have performed as expected. In all cases however, these are the kinds of problems that

Clever ideas that help you start your own real estate business

  Starting your own business is advantageous because you can be independent and you get to create a personal concept based on your own ideas. It is not easy to start working for yourself in the real estate business field, therefore, you need a little guidance. If you want to make sure your real estate

Blogging for an International Audience

Are you a creative person willing to share new complex ideas with the world? There is a possibility to make yourself heard through blogging. The access to a blog is international and language won’t be a problem as long as there are plenty of options regarding a translation service.  The only thing you need is

Steps to follow in starting your own corporation

Many people decide to start their own business for various reasons. It is not easy making your business becoming a corporation, as there is a long and uneasy process. You have to take into account many things if you want to do that, starting from the beginning and continuing with the evolution of it. There

What to look for in a minivan

So, you have your heart set on buying a minivan. A minivan is one the of the best cars you can buy. This vehicle can accommodate your children, spouse, and luggage, not to mention that you can save money as you drive. It does not matter if you have a large family or not. Invest