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Being a forwarder can be difficult in nowadays times because you have to deal with competition. Besides the fact that you have to earn enough money for paying your bills, you should be able to invest some money in your business to evolve. This might be somewhat difficult when you have to compete with multinationals, which are receiving all the international contracts, and a large number from the local ones, because they are knew by everyone. In this situation, it is advisable for you to try to join a global logistics network, because it will give you the opportunity to become one of the top forwarders not only in this area, but internationally.

How it works?

You should know from the beginning that a network is not a forwarder, it is a framework that allows you and other forwarders in your situation to cooperate and help each other to expand your businesses. By joining this type of alliance, you will be able to reduce the risks and costs, and you will have the opportunity to compete against the largest international companies. To become a member of such an alliance you do not have to be a very successful independent forwarder in your area, but your company has to be financially solvent, well managed, and with a significant business volume. In addition, all the alliances ask their potential members to have a good credit history, because this type of network provides the safety that all the members are reliable.

How a logistics network help you

If you meet all the requirements of a network, you will have many benefits. The main one is that you will have the possibility to work in an exclusive territory, because some of the networks do not accept more than a forwarder in an area, and some of them accept maximum 3 or 4. The number of the members depends on the area, because if it is an agglomerated one, more members are needed. Nevertheless, while being there every member represents the network. Every member know exactly which one is his territory, because networks developed tools to help their members know their own. The members from the same network can collaborate, so they will receive freehands, routed cargo and sales leads from the whole alliance, but they also have the opportunity to continue working with their partners from outside the network. You can be sure that you work with reliable partners wherever you need, because all the members of this alliance are trustworthy. Therefore, you will not be able to work with agents that are bad payers, unproductive or unreliable. Alliances have a protection against late payment or non-payment and you can benefit from a special coverage in case of closure or bankruptcy. Because you are representing a global brand, your company will seem trusty for the shippers that are looking for quality services, and they will feel confident to offer you contracts. This network is the best chance you have to bid large contracts.