Industrial shelving UK suppliers – a market in continuous expansion

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Shelves have been used to maximise storage space for ages and in the beginning they were considered the main solution for libraries, offices or evidence rooms. After a while, due to the multiple benefits of this storage solution, it has developed, reached the industrial field and nowadays most businesses are using it. In the past decades, manufacturers have perfected their products, so that industrial storage and racking can be found in an array of commercial sectors. Industrial shelving is extremely versatile, which is why it can be implemented in a wide variety of applications and environments, from supermarkets to warehouses, stockrooms, distribution centres and factories. In the United Kingdom there are plenty of reliable suppliers, so regardless the type of shelving units you need, you will definitely find the right solution.

Industrial shelving UK – safety requirements

Taking into consideration that industrial applications of shelving and racking imply the storage of heavy duty loads, there are certain requirements that industrial shelving UK suppliers have to comply with, in order to ensure the delivery of safe units. In their turn, businesses have to ensure a safe environment for employees and safe storage for the products, therefore UK law has issued regulations regarding the design and construction of shelving solutions. In addition to this, there are certain load limits (in pounds per square foot), depending on the building and structures used, and these must not be exceeded. What is more, in case you are planning to store materials that may become hazardous for the environment, you should also inform yourself about additional safety measures and restrictions. All these rules apply to racking manufacturers and their authorised representatives, but buyers should also be aware of them when choosing the most suitable industrial raking solution for their business. This being said, remember that it is important to choose a supplier offering reliable products, in compliance with current regulations, but this shouldn’t be a difficult task as the market has expanded greatly over the years, as mentioned above.


Industrial shelving solutions in the UK

It is not just the suppliers market that has expanded though, but their range of products as well. The more businesses started to rely on industrial racking and shelving, the more manufacturers and suppliers began developing more varied solutions. Specialist suppliers offer multiple options, such as pallet racking (suitable to goods of any size and weight), small goods racking (which have narrow shelves, perfect for small parts) or cantilever racking systems (ideal for the storage of long items, with weights varying from 50 to 2500 kg per arm). In addition to these reliable alternatives, businesses can also benefit from designed solutions now, such as mezzanine floors or mobile shelving systems, all developed to maximise storage capacities and support fast and streamlined operations.


The UK industrial shelving market is quite diverse and has developed greatly, not just in terms of suppliers and product variety, but also in terms of ordering and distribution. E-commerce has impacted every market and the shelving and racking industry makes no exception. Although most suppliers still provide mail order services to their customers and potential customers, most of them have designed and developed web shops for their products as well, focusing plenty of their marketing efforts towards conquering that landscape.