How to use ribbons to spruce up the bathroom

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Many say that the kitchen is the most important room in the home. We are not saying that these people are wrong. However, the bathroom is just as important. If you come to think about it, your day begins and ends in the bathroom. And it is the room that you fail to properly appreciate. Since you are spending so much time there, brushing your teeth or applying makeup, you should better update its vibe. How are you supposed to do that? Well, with the help of ribbons, of course. Please continue reading to find out how to spruce up the bathroom with ribbons.

Tie ribbon around bath towels

It is not necessary to make extravagant changes. In case you did not know, it is the simple things that matter in life. What you need to do right now is buy ribbon. Experts at suggest buying in bulk. Why? You may ask. Because you never know when you need high quality material. Embellishing the bath towels with ribbons is a great idea. You have the chance to present the towels in an interesting way. Now, how do you do it? what you need to do is grab one end of the towel, roll it inward to the point that the other end is tucked into the roll. When you are done, you can fasten everything with ribbon. Another thing you can do is hang the bath towels with ribbon. Make sure that you use organza because it is stronger.

Hang your vanity mirror with ribbon

No matter the place where it is hanged, the vanity mirror is the centre of attraction. The mirror adds spaciousness to the bathroom and it comes in handy when doing your hair or applying makeup. Here is an idea! Hang the vanity with ribbon. The material is strong enough to handle the mirror, not to mention that it will add a fine touch to the room.

Add ribbons to shower curtain

You should not have to settle for a plain-looking shower curtain when you can have a spectacular one. You have loads and loads of ribbon, so put them to good use. Wash and iron the shower curtain before starting. When applying the decorative materials, the last thing that you want is wrinkles. Figure out where you will place the rows of ribbon and start stitching. It is better if you use a sewing machine. Just apply decorative material from one end to the other. Most importantly, sew ribbon on both sides of the shower curtain. You do want the result to be spectacular, do you not?