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The basic role of advertising is to promote a product or service and thus make the company visible among consumers. If someone does not know the company exists, they will not buy from you. This is why marketing experts strive to come up with different techniques and reach as many customers as possible. A good marketing campaign is essential for both small and large companies alike because they increase the number of sales. However, marketing experts have to thoroughly plan the campaign and take into consideration factors such as age, gender and geographic location in order to plan a successful campaign. Choosing the right promotion strategy is of paramount important and there are many ways of promoting a product. For instance, participating at events with the models provided by the events staffing agency can be beneficial, but not only.

Free samples

Everyone accepts freebies, even if they do not really need them. In advertising it is important to offer giveaways in order to attract attention to your product. The reason why sampling is so effective is that it gives customers the chance of testing the product and seeing if it is worth buying. The fact is that customers do not trust anymore advertisements because all the companies market their products as being the best. It is not necessary to invest huge sums of money in the products destined for sampling. As long as you offer the customer something that only appears to be of greater value, everything will go smoothly. Sampling has the potential to increase sales up to 200% and even 300%. Breweries, for example, sell thanks to the tasting rooms.

Events marketing

Events marketing offers company the chance to meet the audience and discuss face-to-face. However, it is important to carefully choose the event where the product will be promoted. The first thing you should do is to get details on the number of attendees and if possible on the demographics. In addition, you should have an idea about the competitors that are attending the vent so as to be able to plan your marketing strategy. You cannot afford to miss an event because this is one of the few opportunities when you get to get to meet with both sponsors and customers. Equally important is that the customers that attend events are the ones that are truly interested in the products of the company and this is why you have to be prepared with trained events staff.

Brand ambassadors

A brand ambassador is a person that embodies the corporate identity and markets the product or service. In simpler words, this means that a person is chosen as a spokesperson for the company and he has to use promotional strategies such as social media marketing to make the product known even to remote customers. Generally, brand ambassadors are celebrities because their reputation is enough to attract attention. The most important thing is to find someone that has the ability to influence the consumers and to make them purchase.