How to make hair salon clients happy and win over more business

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If you want to grow your clientele, and ultimately, become a great hairstylist, you have to make customers fall in love with your business. This is what it is about: ensuring clients a satisfying experience. As long as you tend to the happiness of your clients, they will stay loyal to you. Maybe they will send business your way too. When you are running a hair salon business, keep in mind the following tips. You will surely produce customer satisfaction.

Listen to your hair salon clients

No matter how good you may be at hair styling, clients will not be impressed if you ignore them. The client is the most important person in your world and you must not forget this. Listen to what your salon clients tell you about their hair. Remember things like what color the client likes or how often they get their hair cut. Even though clients do not have specialized knowledge, they do know what works for their hair or what coiffure is right for them. Nothing repels them more than a hair stylist that tells them they are wrong.

Keep a record of your clients’ preferences with the help of an application like MyCuts. To download the app, visit This app will help you record what clients talked about. You will be able to get very easily information like what interests or what hair formulas clients like. It is important to be all ears and write everything down.

Create a memorable experience

If you want to build a successful hair salon business, you need to create the ideal experience. Unlike other services, the services provided by a hair salon are personal and require commitment from your behalf. The reason why people come to your salon in the first place is to enjoy a relaxing experience. They work all day long and they are looking to become less tense. What you need to do is create an atmosphere where guests can come and go after a day of work and stress.

The environment of your hair salon should be relaxing as well as inviting.

Make hair salon clients feel appreciated

If you want to wow your salon clients, you will have to know your manners. Although basic manners may seem old-fashioned, they will help you make a good impression. It is all about respecting your clients and yourself. Take the time to show your customers how much you appreciate their loyalty and support. How are you supposed to do this? Well, you can surprise your clients with flowers or with a complimentary bottle of their favorite hair supply.  

Do not let your hair salon clients wait

The one thing you should be paying attention to is your appointment book. The appointment book should not overflow with appointments. Your clients will have to wait, which is the last thing you want. Clients will become upset and it is not difficult to understand why. They take time off from work or family to make appointments. Do not keep your clients waiting. Organize your appointments with the help of a salon-booking app like MyCuts. Your hair salon clients will surely appreciate it.