How to get a job as an automotive technician

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According to recent statistics, the automotive industry is expected to grow by 9% in the following decade, which means that this sector will need qualified personnel soon. Those who are interested in jobs such as automotive technician will probably find plenty of vacancies. However, requirements are high and candidates are expected to have a certain level of experience and technical knowledge in order to have a chance. Here are several tips and tricks that can help you find a job as an automotive technician and some of the qualities that employers look for in their candidates.


Education and professional experience

As in all fields, education and experience in the field are a plus. There are several vocational high schools that provide technical courses. If you did not graduate from such a high school, you can take optional studies provided by accredited institutes. These will help you be familiar with the field and give you an advantage over your competitors. However, the year when you took these courses is also relevant. The automotive industry has changed a lot in the past decades, you might want to refresh your knowledge and learn about current technologies. Education is a plus, but not a must or a guarantee. Most employers actually prefer candidates with practical experience to the ones that haven’t worked as technicians before, so several years of experience could help you.


Professional and personal skills

As an automotive technician, you will need to be highly knowledgeable about a car’s mechanical parts. You should know how perform vehicle maintenance, detect problems and fix them. Having good attention to detail and dexterity is a must and you will usually have to work quickly and be good with deadlines. If your job involves talking to clients, then you also have to have good communication skills. The leading companies in this industry have their staff undergo training and teach them how to explain technical terms to non-professionals.


Use the right recruitment platform

Unfortunately, being well trained and having work experience do not guarantee a position on today’s competitive market. You also have to know how to promote yourself, both online and offline. A strong resume outlining your skills and experience will help you stand out and uploading that resume online can increase the chances of being hired. There was a time when people were looking for job offers in newspapers, but now employers hardly post there. Instead, subscribe to recruitment platforms, because they are more popular among employers. Don’t limit yourself to only one, because the chances of being selected for an interview are higher when you use more platforms. If possible, create an account on a websites that work exclusively with companies in the automotive field, such as Forward Thinking Personnel. This will give you access to a pool of professional and reliable recruiters and you are more likely to find a job as an automotive technician.