How to differentiate among pallet racking suppliers

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Warehouses and distribution centres have experienced a lot of pressure over the last year due to the fact that marketplaces have shifted focus from high volume orders towards rapid order fulfilment. This has meant significant changes for storage facilities and of course for storage systems as well. The most basic type of storage within a warehouse or a distribution centre is pallet racking and there are many types and configurations to serve all needs and requirements. However, as many types of racking systems exist on the market as many pallet racking suppliers there are as well, which is not necessarily a good thing, because it can prove quite difficult to choose the right one. The supplier you select to fit your warehouse with racking systems for pallets is as important as the type of racks you choose. In fact, a good supplier can actually help you select the best type of racking for your needs, which is even more reason to be careful in your selection process.

Variety of products

One important aspect to take into account when comparing pallet racking suppliers is the variety of systems that they provide. The more types of racking they supply, the better for you, as not only you can find the best suitable system for your requirements, but you can also rest assured that you’re dealing with a supplier that’s knowledgeable in all types of racking available. There are many things to factor in when deciding upon the best suitable units for your warehouse, such as available space, type of loads, type of operations and of course budget, so the more variety of products your supplier offers, the easier it will be to hit all these factors with a match.


Installation services

If you only require a couple of pallet racking units, then installation may not be at the top of your priority list, but if you’re looking to fit a whole new warehouse or distribution centre, then this will turn into a complex job and you’d better look for suppliers that offer installation services as well. Moreover, you should direct your attention towards suppliers that have SEIRS certified installers, as to make sure that all installation processes comply with health and safety and building regulations if that’s the case.


Experienced designers

Sometimes pallet racking is just pallet racking and, as mentioned above, if your needs are not very large, you can even buy off the shelf racking kits that will make your storage tasks a lot easier. However, for bigger projects, off the shelf units will simply not do the trick. You’ll most likely need custom solutions and designs, which is why it’s quite beneficial to resort to pallet racking suppliers that employ experienced designers, able to help you create the best suitable system for your warehouse. Not all suppliers provide design services, as not all of them offer installation support wither, so these two factors are a good start to differentiate between good and not so good alternatives.