How to choose gift-wrapping supplies for your store

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If you’ve decided that you want to offer a gift wrapping service with your products, then you are already on the right track: customers love receiving their purchases in beautifully wrapped packages and they are more likely to be loyal to your brand. However, more and more retailers have become aware of the importance of this service, so, apart from the competition between products, there will also be a competition between the quality of wrapping. The market definitely doesn’t lack in gift wrapping supplies, but if you want to integrate these into a long term branding or marketing strategy, you have to think beyond the conventional blank wrapping paper or plain lurex ribbon. Consider switching to high quality, commercial wrapping supplies specially tailored for retail stores. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you pick the best supplies for your store profile and needs.

New trends for Christmas packaging

Christmas gifts may be traditional, but their wrapping is subject to the same trends as fashion items. If you are thinking of buying classic red and green paper with sparkly silver ribbons for your products, think again. This is exactly what every store has been doing for the past decades and, as beautiful as the packaging will turn out, it will not stand out in terms of originality. Be creative and follow the latest trends in wrapping. Today’s designers recommend keeping a minimal look and adding one accent item per package. For example, don’t wrap a box in glittery red paper with green Christmas tree on it and then adding a huge bow on top, because it will look overly festive. Instead, choose plain white paper and make it stand out with a unique ribbon from a pricier material such as satin.


The branding benefits of custom wrapping

Custom wrapping supplies like paper or ribbons cost more than generic supplies, but they definitely provide lasting benefits it terms of branding. By adding your company name on the packaging, you are automatically creating more exposure. Depending on your budget, you can choose from a range of printing techniques or designs. You don’t have to print a huge colour logo – your store name in fine, dainty print can work wonders, making customers associate your brand with elegance, aesthetics and attention to detail. Apart from paper and ribbons, you can print the company name on gift bags, because people tend to use them multiple times.