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Nowadays engineers design and manufacture all sorts of devices to face the demand of the market. People operate with frequencies and the devices they use are more complex than ever, so there is a great need of shields that isolate one component from another. Because many devices are susceptible to electromagnetic interference, EMI shields are used to ensure a robust and reliable electrical seal. An EMI gasket is placed between the mating surface of the device and the shield housing. EMI gaskets are widely used in industry, and they can be used to isolate many components of devices from various domains. The persons that want to buy EMI gaskets can click here.

The usage of EMI gaskets in medicine

EMI gasket manufacturers recorded a high demand of gaskets for the medical industry. EMI gaskets are important components in multiple electronics-based medical devices. These medical devices are essential for doing life-saving procedures and in patients’ health care.  EMI shielding is needed because medical devices are placed near electronic instruments, and this has as result an increased risk of electromagnetic interference. EMI gaskets are used to reduce this risk. EMI are not the only gaskets that can be used in medicine, there can be used other gaskets that are made from injection molded liquid silicone rubber, compression molded silicone, silicone plenum, solid silicone, or semi-conductive carbon-filled silicone rubber. These medical gaskets enable devices to function well when they are in the vicinity of electrically conductive materials.

Other details

This type of gaskets contains elastomers, and they are used to electrically conductive sealing. They have as main role to provide electrical conductivity across the lid junction and enclosure gasket. Depending on the type of the device, EMI gaskets can be manufactured from different types of materials, to suit the specific needs of any one of them. Another important feature EMI gaskets have is that they prevent the intrusion of liquids into devices compartments. The service life of an EMI gasket depends on the number of times the user opens and closes it. Sometimes gaskets are affected by the gasket deformation while the joint is closed. Other factors that influence their service life are ozone aging, fluids, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. Some EMI gaskets can be damaged from their installation moment, or by wrong maintenance. Because medical devices have to be sterilized, EMI gaskets are negatively affected.