How Do we Rank Democratic Countries?

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Democracy is a form of government which involves encouraging the people’s participation in the law making process. The participation is either direct or with the help of elected representatives. This is considered to be the best form of government created until the present, as it allows the people to have a word to say in the way that the country is governed.

Whether or not a country is democratic is a controversial subject. The democratic peace theory states that democratic countries should not initiate armed conflicts against one another. However, whenever a war was led against a democratic country, the opposing nation argued that the first country wasn’t really democratic. Lest take a look at the democratic value and see how we can determine the level of democracy within a country and whether or not that reason is a justification to go against the democratic peace theory.

  • Democratic value

The quality of a country’s democracy is established by taking into account several factors such as human rights, individual liberties, government measures, elections, direct democracy concepts, transparency, freedom of media, comparative Constitution information, international surveys and so on.

A democratic ranking between several countries considers several aspects of a nation’s constitution such as politics, gender, economy, knowledge, health and environment. Politics is the most important factor as it accounts for 50% of a country’s democratic grade whilst the rest of the elements each account for 10 %.

  • The most democratic countries

According to the The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Annual Report, the level of democracy across the world has not changed a lot since last year. The rapport includes 165 independent countries and two territories. Each country is categorized according to the level of democracy such as authoritarian regimes, hybrid regimes, flawed democracies as well as full democracies. This annual rapport ranks Norway as the most democratic country in the world, followed by Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and New Zealand.

Its quite interesting how certain countries which don’t even label themselves as democratic have managed to attain a top position in the rank of the most democratic countries in the world. On the other side, the US citizens which take so much pride in the democratic values of their nation will be surprised to hear that the USA in ranked in the 21st position in this top.

The most democratic countries in the world are neither the most economically developed ones nor the most military developed ones. They are the countries which have managed to find a balance in all the aspects of their nation’s structure. Although there are certain alliances across the globe between democratic nations, they do not take into account the level of democracy. Furthermore, a nation will always find justification for a war, regardless of the democratic quality of a country. Theories never stand a chance against numbers and neither do human lives against resources.