How can you earn more bitcoins?

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Nowadays, a new type of virtual currency started to become more and more popular – bitcoin. Many people started using them in the online whenever they wanted to buy something or even pay the bills. Even though there are still many people who do not know too much about this form of payment, the number of those using them increases by the day. If you have a bitcoin visa card and you want to earn more bitcoins, you should definitely read these useful tips below.

Accept it as a form of payment

Many people who have already been using bitcoins claim that the best way to earn even more of them is to accept them as a means of payment. The first step is to obtain a free online bitcoin wallet from a professional and trust-worthy provider. Then you have to display your bitcoin address in a QR-code near the cash register and opt for one of the following functions “Receive Money” or “Add funds”. The third step is to make the “bitcoin accepted here” logo visible in your store to tell everyone about your new payment integration.

Complete tasks online

Another great method through which you can earn free bitcoins is to complete certain tasks on various websites. Many of these sites offer you bitcoins if you simply visit their page and spend some time on it, whereas other sites ask you to watch videos, complete specific analytical tasks or answer forum questions. You should definitely take advantage of these methods to earn more coins, but do not expect your income to increase too much. This is recommended especially for beginners who need to get familiar with the system.

Turn your regular income into bitcoins

It is worth mentioning that there are some organizations that allow their employees to decide whether they would want to receive their regular income as bitcoins, so in case your company provides this type of service, you should definitely take advantage of it. Even though you do not work in a company and you are self-employed instead, you can still get paid in bitcoins, not to mention that as a freelancer you can participate in different bitcoin affiliate programs. Some people have decided to take this to another level and even start their own bitcoin related business.

Interest payments

Last but not least, another good method to earn more bitcoins is from interest payments. If you already own some, you should consider putting them to work for you and one good example is to lend them out. You can either lend them directly to a person you already know, or you can opt for peer to peer lending websites, which have numerous borrowers waiting for others to lend them bitcoins. However, make sure the website you resort to is a trust-worthy one in order to benefit from the best results.

As you can see, these are only a few examples of methods through which you can increase the number of bitcoins you have, so select the one that best fits your needs and interests.