Freight forwarder rights and responsibilities in cargo networks

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The world of transportation is a vast one and although the average client of specialized companies might not be familiar with the intricacies of such businesses, freight forwarders know very well how challenging the organizational process can be. Being in charge of international container shipping is definitely more complicated than running another type of business, especially because daily activities can take place on a global scale. Joining a cargo alliance can help. Such alliances are now beginning to emerge and even though not all companies in the field are aware of their existence, there are definitely many benefits involved. Business owners who are thinking about joining a cargo network should first of all do a lot of research and find out what their presence in such an alliance involves. Knowing the member rights and responsibilities is an essential part of this research process. Every network functions with its own rules, but there are some general aspects that apply.

Establish global connections

Since joining a cargo alliance is usually done in exchange for a certain membership fee, it goes without saying that some rights and benefits should be offered. First of all, the very purpose of such an alliance is to take member connections to the next level and help each and every member consolidate its position on the world stage. Therefore, a basic right would be access to other forwarders and international resources. In addition, members should have the right to build long lasting partnerships, thus gaining security.


Grow your freight forwarding business

Some networks even go as far as to offer their members exclusive access to their professional resources and services. This includes being able to track cargos, access carrier schedules, get lower rates from carriers and so on. As an added benefit, some networks offer their members exclusive access to notable industry events and that definitely helps members stay competitive, find out about the latest industry trends and make new connections. Two general terms that best describe these rights are global exposure and security.


Your business ethos must be transparent

Being a link in the cargo alliance chain also comes with some responsibilities. The first and most basic one is offering in-depth information about the company’s profile, activities and operations. Security and trust are extremely important in a global network and this information is vital to ensure that there are no weak links. Needless to say, members will be required to sign a contract and agree to the alliance’s internal code of operations. Again, it is important to point out that communication and collaboration are greatly valued, so all members will have to respect these values throughout all their activities.


How often do you have to meet with other members?

Since a global network comes with many challenges in terms of distance, there probably will not be many face to face meetings. However, most alliances do have an annual event where every member’s presence is obligatory. No matter what network you want to join, it’s advisable to download the full list of regulations from its official website, just to make sure you agree with them and you will not have unpleasant surprises.