Four must-have qualities for a successful career in acting

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There is a harsh competition in the arts world, since everyone tries to stand out from the crowd. Singers, musicians, actors, dancers or any other sort of artist wants to outshine the competition and to reach the top. In order to become the best in the acting industry, the first most important thing future actors have to do is enrol in a professional and reputable acting school. It is the place where they learn not only the basics of acting, but also gain profound knowledge in this domain. An actor should have five great qualities in order to have a successful career in this field and these qualities are presented below.

A little bit of insanity and more dedication

Every person who wants to become an actor and enrols in cours de theatre at a well-known acting school should have a little bit of insanity in order to be a great actor. It is important to remember that no matter what acting school you opt for, you, as an actor, have to completely dedicate yourself to this career in order to be a successful actor. There are actors who fail not because they lack talent, but because they do not give the necessary importance to pursue their acting careers vigorously. As weird as it might sound, dedication and a bit of insanity are key elements in this industry.


In acting, creativity is a must-have quality. The actor has to be able to understand the character he or she has to impersonate and to think of ways to make the character seem realistic, thus reaching the heart of every person in the public. It is the creativity skills that make the public consider the performance amazing, interesting and eye-catching.

Auditioning skills

Another important skill future actors must have is related to auditioning. Auditioning is the main step in getting hired and actors have to be well prepared in order to get that audition. It is worth mentioning that there are some actors that might be very talented, but because they cannot control their emotions while auditioning or because other various reasons, they do not get that desired part and do not have the chance to show their qualities and to show how good they actually are. Preparing for auditions is an important thing to do. Experts advise to prepare two or three monologues for when going to auditions in order to be prepared for everything.

Speech and voice – valuable skills

Two of the most valuable skills an actor has are his or her voice and speech. When acting, you have to be able to control your volume, pitch and tempo in order to provide a great performance. Speaking and vocalizing properly have a great influence on the degree people, cast directors and others appreciate you. It is recommended to practice your speech and voice on a daily basis, through a series of exercises related to breath control.

Overall, these are the main four qualities future actors must have for a successful career in the acting industry.