Five Ways Custom Adhesive Tapes Could Benefit Your Business

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Up and down the United Kingdom right now, a growing number of 3M tape converters are revolutionising the way great many organisations do business.  It may sound like such a small detail, but it really isn’t until you start using custom adhesive products that you realise just how beneficial they can be. The problem being that when a business has been doing something a certain way for so long without any specific problems, it can be difficult to make such changes.  Nevertheless, this represents one change that there is absolutely no going back from.

Unsurprisingly, it tends to be manufacturing environments in particular that benefit from these kinds of process upgrades. Now more than ever, it is perfectly possible to get hold of custom adhesives and bespoke adhesive tapes to replace almost any conventional form of joining whatsoever. And it’s not simply a case of replacing traditional joining methods, but at the same time benefiting from a wide variety of advantages.

Here’s a quick look at just five ways custom adhesive tapes could benefit your business:

1 – Stronger Bonds

First of all, the kinds of tapes being created these days for an exponential variety of purposes are able to deliver superior bonds to largely any other joining method whatsoever. Even in the case of welding, there are adhesive products on the market right now that can offer stronger, more reliable and more durable bonds than anything to date. Which in turn means that no matter what it is you are looking to bond, there’s every chance you could produce superior results by making the switch to a custom adhesive tape. Difficult to believe perhaps, but the reality of things nonetheless.

2 – Faster Results

In addition to producing stronger bonds and superior results in general, making the switch to a custom adhesive tape can also lead to faster results. When you think about the alternatives, things like mechanical fixings, welding and other methods of joining materials are all relatively time consuming. Whether carried out by man or machine, it doesn’t tend to be a particularly rapid process. In the case of custom adhesive tapes however, there’s really nothing that could be any faster. The backing is removed, the tape is applied and the materials or components are pressed together. The bond is near instant and absolutely no additional products, tools or materials are required to make it happen – fast, simple and incredibly effective.

3 – Weight Reduction

It’s also worth remembering that in a lot of instances, keeping product weight down to an absolute minimum is preferable. In such instances, mechanical fixings can certainly get the job done, but are guaranteed to add further weight to whatever it is you are making. What makes custom adhesive tapes such an outstanding alternative is the way in which they can be produced to weigh practically nothing at all. They are made of the lightest possible materials, which exist simply to carry the adhesive layer to bond the surfaces together. As such, using a high quality adhesive tape will often ensure that absolutely no additional weight is added to the equation whatsoever. If looking to keep weight to a minimum, this could be a good place to start.

4 – Health and Safety

Another incredible advantage of making the switch to high quality adhesive tapes in a wide variety of environments is the way in which they can make a real difference in terms of health and safety. When you think about it, pretty much every conventional approach to joining materials and components presents certain risks to those carrying out the job.  Needless to say, welding and the application of mechanical fixings are the two most prominent examples.  With custom adhesives on the other hand, such products can be manufactured in a manner which makes them not only incredibly easy to use, but comprehensively safe to use.

5 – Cost Reductions

Last but not least, along with speeding up the production process and generally producing better results, making the switch to a high quality adhesive can also have a marked impact on operational costs. As already mentioned, one of the biggest benefits of making the switch is the way in which no additional tools, supplies, products or process as are necessary to put adhesive tapes to use. Not only this, but they are so easy to use that very little additional staff training is likely to be required, making it an incredibly easy and beneficial switch to make.