First aid certifications have no political colour

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Elections are either fun or extremely controversial, depending on what side you’re looking from and what’s your perspective on events and most of the time they are all about differences. However, there are some issues that even political parties can’t disagree on, as they just make good sense and one of these issues is first aid. There are many first aid certification Ottawa providers that have been long fighting for these courses to be included in the election plans for all political parties and the reason for this is simple: by making first aid an election issue, they raise awareness and then it becomes easier to get it in schools at national level. The initiative also seems to have worked, as there are so many things that different political parties fight on and disapprove, but apparently when it comes to CPR courses and first aid classes, there is no political friction and all parties have responded favourably.

The main reason for which first aid certification in Ottawa and courses becoming part of the national curriculum have benefited from such a great focus is so that children can learn about risks and everyday injuries, but also about simple techniques like CPR, in order to create a new generation of lifesavers. An increasing number of politicians from all parties agree with this initiative and most of them have started backing these campaigns, which actually have action plans that are way more developed than simply putting first-aid courses into schools. This is just the first step. First aid centres and associations call on politicians and the government to help with other related issues as well, such as fix health and safety regulations, in order to be easier for smaller organisations to stay on top of them, promoting paediatric first aid courses among adults who work with children or even enabling the voluntary sector to bring its contribution.


All of the above mentioned proposals have been well received by all major parties and have gained a lot of support, but these plans still need to be put into action, so a lot of work is still ahead. The centres that provide first aid certification in Ottawa and across the country have also brought their contribution, diversifying the range of courses available and setting up standard first aid and CPR classes, accessible for children, as well as advanced first aid classes, for emergency medical responders and more. These courses can be both straight forward, precise and exhaustive, teaching attendees how to respond to emergencies, how to deal with breathing and circulation emergencies, but also how to provide first aid for head and spine injuries, bone, muscle and joint injuries, how to provide wound care and so on.