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Contrary to what most people think, the fundamental difference between Republicans and Democrats is not based on the size of the government, but on their goals. Although both parties accept the Declaration of Independence and its view on life, liberty, unalienable rights and the pursuit of happiness, when it comes to issues on liberty and security, the Democratic vb Republican opinions are very different.

Democrats believe that securing the borders is not enough; the governments should also advance our personal security by extending health care access, expanding unemployment insurance and raising the minimum wage. Republicans disagree, insisting that we must not be forced to be our brother’s keeper. Twelve out of thirteen states which have refused the offer coming from the government to pay all the costs of expanding health care coverage to millions of people are controlled by Republicans.

The Democratic vs Republican believes are contradictory when it comes to the steps taken to enhance security. Republicans argue that government-created health exchanges affect the way insurance companies run their own affairs. They argue that taxes interfere with the people’s liberty to pursue their goals. The democratic states Maryland, Minnesota, California and Massachusetts recently raised the income taxes on millionaires, while republican Kansas reduced them by 75% and are pushing for the complete elimination of the tax. The Republican action could result more in a tax shift that burdens lower income households, from income to property or sales taxes.

The Democratic vs Republican disagreement deepens even further when it comes to personal liberty. The former Republican Senator Rick Santorum stated that he disagrees with the idea that the state cannot limit the passions and wants on an individual. Santorum believes that they should have this right because there are consequences to letting people live out of whatever they desire, even if those wants and passions don’t harm others.

Furthermore, out of the 25 states with prohibitions on same sex marriage, 22 are Republicans and none are Democratic. Out of the 17 states that have passed the medical marijuana law, two are Republican and 10 Democratic. Democratic vs Republican beliefs about gun control is another issue. Republicans consider that people should be able to carry an unlimited number of guns wherever they want with a minimum regulation from the government, in order to protect themselves.

Both parties believe that liberty means being a part of the political decisions that affect the future of the country and citizens. However, their conceptions about liberty are different. For Republicans, freedom means the liberty of money spent on candidate elections and lobby legislators, while limiting the liberty of people to vote. Democrats believe the opposite, so they have enacted laws that make it easier for people to vote.