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When it comes to renovating a theatre, it takes a lot of logistics and resources into making sure the audience will have a comfortable and pleasant experience, whenever they choose to attend a show or a presentation. Whether it is a classic theatre or a fancy presentation room of a corporation, one of the most important elements of any stage are the theatre curtains, because they create part of the suspense of any presentation, play or performance of any kind. This is why it is important to choose a supplier that can provide quality curtains that will maintain their aspect for a long time. This is what you should look for when trying to find a curtain supplier:


Contrary to what one might believe, there are a lot of aspects that go into manufacturing and installing theatre curtains. The supplier would have to have engineering experience in order to properly design and install the necessary equipment that would make the curtains function smoothly and without any problems. When it comes to installing any structure, they would have to know how to come up with a suitable plan, adapted to the individual needs of every client and this can only be achieve through experience in the field.

Interest in safety

Any type of suspended equipment will have to be carefully inspected to make sure it meets all the safety measures in the field and it will not pose anyone in any danger. For this to happen, the contractor will have to abide by strict safety guidelines and be certified to working with the equipment that needs to be used in these projects.

Talented designers

From creating the drape systems that match the needs of the particular stage where they will be installed to everything else that is required in these projects, the theatre curtain contractor will have to have an entire team of talented designers who will be able to come up with all sorts of innovative ideas in order to create the perfect venue for their clients. The ability to take bespoke projects is certainly important, especially if the theatre does not have standard measurements or if you have special requests that need to be met precisely.

Technical support after the project is completed

While your curtain system might look brilliant when it is first completed, the contractor you will be choosing should also provide follow-up services in case something malfunctions. While this may not be exactly something you are hoping for, there are always elements that may not go as planned and it is good to know that you will have a team of experts available to come and fix the problem as soon as possible and with minimum financial repercussions.

All in all, these are the main elements you should base your decision on, whenever you try to find a suitable supplier. You will be surprised to see how many options are available on the market, so take your time when doing your research and choose the one who really offers you the most convenient services.