Check these 3 things before selling your iPhone 6

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With so many people looking to save money on mobiles by buying them second hand, you will have no problem selling an Apple smartphone. To make sure that you get the highest price possible and avoid security issues after the transaction is complete, take a few precautions and check the following three things before selling your iPhone 6 64GB online. You don’t have to contact a professional for these or be particularly tech savvy.

Work on your advertisement tactics

When it comes to selling functional phones, it is advisable to work with a licensed website instead of looking for individual buyers, but, if you insist on doing the latter, you have to advertise your iPhone properly to get a good price. Start by polishing the exterior of the phone to get rid of any dust and fingerprints. If the screen coating is scratched or looks too worn, replace it. It costs a couple of dollars, but could add much more to your selling price. After doing this, take some photos of your phone in perfect lighting. Use a high quality camera and take advantage of the macro feature to attract buyers.

Backup all your data

After you find a buyer, backup all your data, including contacts, music, photos, browser favourites, reminders and messages. If you plan to upgrade to another Apple device, you can do this from iCloud or iTunes, but if you want to buy an Android or Windows Phone, you’ll have to backup manually. Cloud backup can last up to several hours if you have a lot of data, so make sure you do not leave it to the last minute. Also, do the backup at home or in a place where you have a fast and stable Internet connection.

Remove your iCloud account and do a general reset

Selling a phone that has all your personal information on it is never an exciting prospect, so delete everything before you sell the iPhone. To make sure the buyer cannot see your data, you’ll have to do a factory swipe by tapping on Erase All Content and Settings. Also, remember to delete your iCloud account and sign out of any Apple services. This gets rid of all the data, including texts, passwords, browser cookies and any other data that could make you vulnerable. The process is simpler and safer than with most other phones, because there are no hidden files in the iPhone’s memory. Warning: do not delete items manually, one at a time. This deletes all their instances and does not disconnect you from iCloud. If you forget to remove all the phone data before selling it, you can use the remote factory wipe feature from Find My iPhone.