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Freight forwarding networks seem to be highly popular these days, having proven to be of a great help both to clients interested in transport services and for independent companies trying to make it on such a hectic and complicated market. Indeed, the world of transport is rich in options, but what separates them is the level of professionalism distinctive to each and every one of them. As a client, this aspect weights greatly, because it permits you take the right decision as far as choosing your partner is concerned. For members, deciding on the right cargo partners network also is a matter of reputation. In order for a decision of this kind to be of a great help, the freight forwarder needs to carefully regard the selection process. See exactly the way in which a network chooses its members, as this is the only way one can indeed convince himself on whether or not the network in question can be trusted. In the end, the members part of an alliance are the ones that can build a positive reputation or on the contrary, a negative one. Here are the aspects that should be part of any selection process, at least those that aim to be recognized as trustworthy and reliable.

Presenting the services offered

In all network applications, stating exactly the services you are offering is crucial. By completing this step, the alliance will be able to bring forward essential pieces of information on the range of transport services offered. If you will consider this industry carefully, you will most likely discover that there are quite a few services freight forwarders are able to provide clients with. For instance, customers are offered: airfreight, live animal or perishable shipments, sea freight, customs clearance, even dangerous goods. All dedicated networks need to structure and organize the types of services offered and only by clearly announcing what you, as a company can provideclients with is this goal achieved.


The paperwork: studying documents and certifications

Joining an alliance is not something you can do overnight, without proving exactly the type of company you are. The only way to fulfill this goal is to adequately present all documents of working permits and documents. Also in order to operate on this field you will require several certifications. These too need to be brought forward to the selection board, as only certified members should be part of a trustworthy network. Carefully studying your paperwork is definitely part of all selection processes and it is only normal to be so.


References from clients

In order to make sure that members part of an alliance are reliable and can be indeed trusted, it is very important to bring forward all kinds of positive references coming from former clients or partners. In fact, in reliable, adequately made selection processes you would be asked to present them.


The selection process is the one that determines whether or not an alliance is professional and trustworthy. Without it, you have no control as to the members that choose to be part of the network, nor should you have hopes of founding a reputable one.