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The ones that provide the so-called “engine room” for modern medicine are biomedical scientists. These healthcare professionals are in charge of diagnosing diseases and assessing the level of effectiveness of treatments. Although biomedical science is a thrilling discipline, not to mention highly important for society, pursuing a career in this area is rather difficult. The main problem is that there is not enough funding, reason why the scientific environment is more and more competitive. Additionally, modern culture places more emphasis on academic tenure than on practical skills. The natural result is that many Ph.D. students like yourself do not get the opportunity to become principal investigators. Nevertheless, you should not give up on your dream because you can do something with your degree. Biomedical science jobs UK do exist and you may be the next to land one.

What are your career choices?

The fact is that biomedical science is a profession that continually transforms, thus offering you exciting opportunities. Once you are qualified, you can do laboratory work, take on a consultancy role or get involved in scientific research. Whether you choose to work for the NHS or the private sector, you will be able to use your knowledge in order to develop new technologies and therapies. You do not even have to work in a general hospital. On the contrary, you have the possibility of exploring interesting avenues such as prevention and control of infections, or even orienting yourself towards the legal profession. Another option would be to work in forensic science, meaning that you can use DNA profiles to help identify suspects. The main point is that there are endless opportunities for you out there.

Embarking on the career path

As opposed to what many think, it is not at all necessary to publish spectacular publications in order to be selected for job interviews. What employers are mostly looking for is productivity, meaning that you will have to prove you have solid skills. What skills should you include when you create a profile on an online medical job board? First of all, you need to include what you have learned in graduate school. More precisely, employers will expect you to investigate and diagnose diseases such as hepatitis or HIV, but also to perform specific tasks. Examples of tasks include culture analysis, blood group identification, monitoring the effect of the treatment, and the list goes on. The odds of finding a job are not that gloomy. While it is true that within the academic environment positions are very scarce, you can make a career for yourself outside the academic environment.


Difficulties every step of the way

Even if there is the possibility of meeting success, you should know from the start that you will have to commit your body and soul. What you should do to land a job opportunity is to make a solid network of connection. Penetrating the corporate world is not done by emailing, but rather by resorting to online job boards. When you finally land your dream job, you will actually have to spend about 40 per week to perform and interpret experiments. In addition to this, it is necessary to perform other tasks during the day like attending seminars and reading as much literature as you can.