Cape Verde Offers Great Property Investment Opportunities

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International real estate is a great way for investors to make money. The old-fashioned brick and mortar is reliable, especially compared to the binary options market. If you have not considered investing internationally until now, then it is time you do. Not only will you have the chance to make a fortune, but you will win a place in the sun. No matter if you are looking for a second home or property that can provide you a steady income, you should take a look at Cape Verde property investments. The islands make a pretty good investment, but if you are not sure whether or not to purchase real estate in the archipelago, you need to read this.

Tourism in Cape Verde Is Thriving

Foreign investment in Cape Verde is mostly concentrated on tourism. The reason for this is that tourism in the islands is literally thriving and the number of tourist demanding rental has significantly increased over the years. It is easy to let a property in Cape Verde. As a matter of fact, you can make a fortune from renting holiday villas. The archipelago tourism is expected to grow in the future. The new international airports and the better supply of electricity will certainly stimulate tourism. As long as travellers continue to come to the islands, you can be sure that you will be generating income.

The Island Of Sal – The Bulk of Activity

British tourists prefer the Island of Sal. Although a couple of years ago, this island was nothing but sand, now it is a self-contained resort, having nothing but modern facilities. Until now the island has witnessed billions of international investment in hotels, commercial centres and of course resorts. Nonetheless, you do not have to go that far. As stated previously, the demand for accommodation is growing and a holiday property will provide you on-going rental income.

Cape Verde Has Laws to Prevent Overdevelopment

What many people do not know about the former Portuguese island is that it has laws to prevent overdevelopment. These regulations are meant to protect the islands charm and attractiveness. Consequently, the government only allows low project developments. If you are interested in buying holiday property, you should hurry. While no one can predict the future, it is certain that the number of investment properties will decline. Now, the market is still in its early stages, so you should take advantage of the situation while you can.