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Are you a creative person willing to share new complex ideas with the world? There is a possibility to make yourself heard through blogging. The access to a blog is international and language won’t be a problem as long as there are plenty of options regarding a translation service.  The only thing you need is some inspiration and the willing to openly write for the world. The topics you may write about are extremely various and won’t represent a barrier to your creativity.  There are a few mistakes you should definitely avoid while blogging for an international audience:

Not being organised

You should know exactly when you will be posting your next article, especially if you are blogging when studying, because that means a great sense of time management for your part. There are many people who blog as a main preoccupation and their free time allows them not to worry about planning and organizing things , but this shouldn’t be the case. Although you are writing as a hobby, you should keep in mind it is important to keep track of your work and implicitly of your evolution.

No sign-up method

If you do have a lot of international followers who would like to keep in touch with your ideas, not having an email sign-up method is a big mistake. Giving your readers the possibility to sign-up and receive notifications about your newest posts will boost your blog more than you think. Being constantly reminded that your favourite blogger came up with a new idea you can’t wait reading is something quite necessary for gaining popularity and recognition.

No images

Considering that you are addressing yourself to a wide variety of nationalities, using lots of images will propel your blog towards progress. The visual part is really valuable in international audiences, for as much as attention is firstly focused to images then to the actual text. If you want to gain notoriety and visibility, images are your open door. 

Inexpressive titles

Another mistake is not using words catchy enough for your audience. Long, boring titles won’t make people click your posts. Instead, try using headers that will undoubtedly attract interest. Think of the main titles of the most famous newspapers or magazines you are reading and imagine your article’s title on the first page. Would it sound good enough? If not, make a change.

Not using keywords

Keywords help people find quicker what they are looking for. Use a lot of relatable keywords to your articles so you can expand your audience the moment they search something specific on the Internet. Once you start using keywords, you will see a change in the number of visitors on your blog, mainly because people search for what they’re interested in via a big search engine like Google. If what you’ve written meets their expectations you might gain a new reader. Try not forgetting this tiny detail next time you write your article. Also, it will make it easier for you to organize your content and see which is the most searched topic on your blog.